The Navitus Group, Inc.
About Us
The Navitus Group, Inc is a traffic signal installation and maintenance, fiber optic, and ITS installation firm incorporated in 2009. In 2011, our company qualified with the Georgia Department of Transportation as a signal contractor and a Disadvantaged Business Entity (DBE) contractor. In 2013, the company also qualified as a DBE contractor with the Florida Department of Transportation. 
Navitus is owned by Mark Mattox and Tom Jackson.

Mark has over 26 years experience in intelligent traffic systems, signal installations and fiber optic construction, and project/process management. 

Tom retired as manager of the DOT group with the Georgia Power Company. He also served on many national committees involved with utility coordination, construction, and safety. Tom also served on the Georgia Utility Protection Board for 16 years. 
The extensive utility experience of our owners puts us in a position to excellent service in the construction and maintenance of traffic signals and fiber installations. 

Resumes are available upon request. 
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