The Navitus Group, Inc.

As part of our work as a DOT signal project contractor, we install cameras for traffic control and detection. The cameras we install provide information to the traffic control systems responsible for operating traffic signals. These cameras can also tie into the traffic control system for the State of Georgia or local government entities. 

Based on our expertise in and knowledge of traffic signals and traffic cameras, we entered into a partnership with GovComm in 2013 to install red light cameras. During this time, GovComm became involved in the installation of cameras on school buses to protect children from drivers who fail to stop when the bus stop signs are out. This is a project that our company feels very strongly about. 
In 2013, Georgia passes Georgia Motor Vehicle Law 40-6-163 to allow the enforcement of stop sign violations using video detection. There have been several children killed or injured by drivers who failed to stop when the bus' stop signs were out. In December, 2013, an 8 year old boy was killed in Richmond county by a driver who failed to stop. GovComm has developed a system to perform this video monitoring service, and Navitus installs and maintains the equipment. These systems are available to local school systems at no cost. 
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